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Back from the dead

Written By: admin - Jun• 27•17

If there is any Twitter exchange IN THE WORLD more suited for rebooting Red Pen Brigade, I don’t know what it could possibly be.

Votes, people: are we laughing or crying?


Written By: admin - Nov• 18•16

Perfect for next year’s pet photoshoot, yes. Also giving me hives. 


Written By: admin - Feb• 10•16

… This cute kid is selling all her apparel and it’s moving fast!


From my very own Facebook feed.

Entering the fray… on the side of the angels

Written By: admin - Feb• 04•16


Half concern…

Written By: admin - Oct• 29•15

The owners of this fine establishment concede that “4” is a silly abbreviation for a word that’s only two characters longer than the number (and zero characters longer than the number and quotation marks). They refuse, however, to make the same concession about the much more complicated word “you.”


Vote Solicitation

Written By: admin - Sep• 10•15


I am troubled by this headline, but I can’t clearly express what I would rather have it say. Peeps?

Her voice is like a bell…

Written By: admin - Sep• 01•15

Actually, I just love that spellcheck didn’t catch this one. Nice job, WaPo.


Keep dreaming.

Written By: admin - Jun• 19•15

Some of you guys, I just want to pat you on your heads or give you hugs, you know?

Poor Reporter #1 has been sending me lonely photos of comma splices for the last year. I hate a comma splice as much as the next person, but… we have to be realistic here, kids.

So Laura, I don’t know what to tell you about this one.



You’re right, of course: one cannot be both 12 and under at the same time. But do you honestly want to take that up with the federal government? The same agency that’s insisting that my chapstick is a threat to flight security?

If you do, I’ll give you a nice hug first.

Well, that decision was easy!

Written By: admin - Jun• 17•15

GrammarTroika Sister #2 says “Yes, but I’m not convinced you’re the best choice.”


Just gets old, doesn’t it?

Written By: admin - Jun• 15•15

I mean, people abuse quotations all over the place. We know this. But if there’s a place you want to not do that, it’s in reference to a specific service at a specific price. Just don’t.


Thanks, GrammarTroika Sister #1!