Written By: admin - Mar• 28•11

Al had fun in a bakery!  He found these, and wondered if the name meant “cookies for morons.”

Now, the internet informs me that this is a thing, and… OMG there is a Global Cookies website!

Sorry, got distracted there.  Anyway, it’s a thing, so there’s nothing wrong with this label.  Fortunately, this tray was nearby, and Al caught it too:

The bakers may speak Spanish and may not be morons, but it seems someone there is colorblind!

A hit out of the park!

Written By: admin - Mar• 16•11

Sorry, I see “peanuts,” and I just think “baseball.”  Except there’s something really wrong with these peanuts, as Meg discovered.

Meg’s theory is that they’re “so jumbo they became almonds!”

Anthropomorphism? Illogical? BOTH?

Written By: admin - Feb• 28•11

Al sent this.  Take a look.

So.  Here we have a thinking, ambulatory sidewalk that blocks the fire exit occasionally, at which time smokers are advised not to stand on it.  Alternatively, we have the suggestion that smokers might be likely to idly hang about on the sidewalk in the case of a fire.

“Hey, look, the building’s on fire!  And I think there are people trying to get out of that door behind you, dude.”

“Eh.  I really need a cigarette.  Got a light?”

…As opposed to everywhere else.

Written By: admin - Feb• 11•11

Rebecca S. calls this “a wording fail.”  That is, it’s not wrong, it’s just stupid.

Rebecca notes that later modified the headline to “Walking in street in UW construction zone brings warning,” which is still a headline that makes me shudder.  But I suppose we should be grateful.  At least to Rebecca, for sending this in!

It’s just a jump to the left…

Written By: admin - Jan• 31•11

As today is January 31st, we can safely assume the mailroom is not in.  In fact, there’s probably a Brigadoon-like foggy marsh in the place where the mailroom was, for those five hours last month.

EARWORM’d!  Thank you, Al!

You were there when it happened!

Written By: admin - Dec• 03•10

That’s right, folks — you saw it happen:  the Washington Post invented an entirely new sport!

Thanks, Dave!

What a steal!

Written By: admin - Oct• 04•10

Lisa says she isn’t sure this “counts” for RPB.  I say this is why I have that fabulous “just wrong” category going on.

That’s just wrong, Lisa.

To cheer you into your weekend…

Written By: admin - Sep• 10•10

As soon as I saw this one, I knew it was perfect for a Friday.


Thanks for a great week, Susan!

Restaurant at the end of the grammatical universe

Written By: admin - Aug• 11•10

Galen found all three of these at the same place, just north of Ellsworth, ME.  She even provided the commentary.

Live onions?  Or will there be something else alive on my plate?  I didn’t order it. Also a missing apostrophe where there should be one!


When in doubt, use a comma.


I think this belongs in a new category. Maybe “Not quite the lyrics” would be a good title?  Anyway, I have no idea why there were lyrics on the menu, but I’m pretty sure they left out some words.


…Y’all don’t really need me at all, do you?



Ce n’est pas une seat

Written By: admin - Jul• 30•10

I mean, this was totally going up on RPB just because of the sheer absurdity of insisting that a bench is not a seat (rather than insisting that it is a decorative, delicate, fragile, or forbidden seat).  The typo is just gravy.


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