Reporter #1 has a giggle.

Written By: admin - Jun• 28•10

She says, “Guaranteed call to mall security.”



Symbols that don’t make sense

Written By: admin - May• 14•10

Podcast celeb Sage forwarded this beauty:


(Click image for DetroitFunk, the original source.)

I’m not even entirely sure what category to put this one into… Thanks, Sage!

Prime error, is what.

Written By: admin - May• 07•10

And a cheerful Friday send-off.  These have been making me giggle for a while.


Firstly, we have “Prime Rose Oil,” which I just love.  But even better is this:

Why do we need? OMEGA!

I mean, it’s so cheerful you almost can’t fault it for being wrong.

Happy Friday!


Written By: admin - May• 03•10

Susan’s back again with this.  Susan’s headline kind of says it all.  (For those of you tiny-text-challenged, I’ve got the transcription below.)


Text says:


A southwest Atlanta woman who went missing early Saturday afternoon has been found, safe and sounds.

Willie Mae Tiggs went missing sometime around 1:30p.m. Saturday after leaving her southwest Atlanta.

Sometime after 8 p.m. Tiggs was found.  It is unclear where she was found or where she had gone.

Um… yes.

Monday Twofer!

Written By: admin - Apr• 26•10

Reporter #1 Sarah has sent in a WEEK’S worth of posts for your viewing pleasure!

Firstly, she is upset about this:


She says, “I will not send my child to a school that does not know how to spell its own name.”

To some extent I think we have to let businesses name themselves stupid stuff, even if it drives us nuts.  Don’t get me started on Toys “[backwards R]” Us!  That said, you definitely don’t have to send your kid there, though.

I do completely agree with you on this one, Sarah:


Sarah says “I have no words.”  Which… yep.

Susan the Second: Ooookay!

Written By: admin - Apr• 16•10

The perfect send-off into the weekend.  I’m not sure what this means, but it sure is fabulous.


Philosophy of our fathers

Written By: admin - Apr• 09•10

In the third (and, as far as I’m yet aware, final) installment of my father’s “Errors Through Israel” photography series, we have this rumination.

What, exactly, is a non-open pit?  Lao Tse says that the most important thing about a bowl is what isn’t there… a bowl without an empty space wouldn’t be a bowl.  Is a pit that isn’t open a pit?


Ah, grammar and Lao Tse.  That’s how to start a weekend.

Nice hours if you can get ’em

Written By: admin - Mar• 12•10

Intrepid correspondent Meg found this one at a Duane Reade, noting “…and yet, I shopped there at 9:45pm.”


Sketchy in at least two ways

Written By: admin - Jan• 04•10

Kacia got this one in her email.  Check it out.


Kacia said “I wonder what a job distription is, exactly?”  I, on the other hand, wonder what job they’re recruiting for…

A serious steal

Written By: admin - Dec• 18•09

Bill found this lovely example of new math.  Or new journalism, or something.  Either way:  that’s one cheap airport!


Thanks, Bill!

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