The Food Network makes me sad. And hungry. And sad.

Written By: admin - Feb• 21•12

We love Chopped.  It’s a fun show and we feel adventurous and cultured and foodie-esque when we watch it.

We love Ted Allen.  He wears fun footwear and injects exactly the right amount of host into his game show.

We also love the Arabic language, which is written in a cursive style always.  I mean, it’s also good if you don’t completely misspell things (see previous post), but people working in foreign languages have been known to misspell things.  It’s less understandable how this could happen, repeatedly, again, some more.

June 2011:

January 2012:

Again, the problem is that they have weirdly used block letters rather than, you know, writing this word properly.  That is, this: should look like this: 

But I suppose that given what they did to molokhia last May, I should be grateful that they got the right-to-left right.

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