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Written By: admin - Oct• 05•12

Colleen (yep, again) says this is one of her pet peeves. This error falls cleanly into the “if it has more syllables, it makes me sound more educated” school of word-selection, and… yeah.

This error is one that I heard DAILY in my former workplace. Employees would regularly talk about “servicing” students, when they meant “serving” students. I was on a one woman crusade to eradicate phase. Why? First there is the connotation of the phrase “servicing our students.” Squick*. Then there is the cold hard grammar:

Servicing:  present participle of serv·ice
1. Perform routine maintenance or repair work on (a vehicle or machine).
2.Supply and maintain systems for public utilities and transportation and communications in (an area): “the town is small but well serviced”.
1. The act of one that serves.
Well, All-Met Recycling, you have been called out. On a shiny digital gadget of some sort, no less!
*Confused? The connotation to which Colleen refers means the thing Inara does in Mal’s lonely pathetic dreams.**
**You think I’d pass up an opportunity to quote Firefly? My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

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