Decisions are hard

Written By: admin - Jun• 10•15

I don’t even know what this one is. I mean, it’s obviously a punctuation error, but this isn’t even a place I’d normally use punctuation, so.

Mmm ice cream.


Thanks, GrammarTroika Sister #2!

An interesting assessment of value

Written By: admin - Jun• 08•15

My friend Casey’s mom found this at a flea market!

Oregon for sale

I will admit that I sat here for a second trying to figure out what in the picture was from or related to Oregon. Then I had a *facepalm* moment.


Written By: admin - Jun• 05•15

Reporter #1 finds the most interesting… can we even call them errors? Maybe? I mean, this seems likely to be incorrect, no matter how you spin it. But I suppose there is an explanation out there in the world that would make it acceptable. I’d just like to know the story!

photo 1

Not delicious

Written By: admin - Jun• 03•15

This… doesn’t look tasty.


In answer to your question, Grammar Troika Sister #1, however, I do have to point out that you probably can eat this device, if you break it up and don’t try to chew much. I’m not sure it would be advisable to do so, however!

Oh no they didn

Written By: admin - Jun• 01•15

Happy Monday! Somehow, I imagine it was a Monday when the person responsible submitted the order for this sign — and Monday again when the printer printed it — and Monday again when it arrived and was mounted by someone who just did. not. care.


Thanks, GrammarTroika Sister #1’s friend Christen!

Be off, or we shall taunt you once again!

Written By: admin - May• 29•15

Kacia says:

<badfrenchaccent> En garde! Charcoal, I challenge you to a duel! I will burn you with my gaseous flames! </badfrenchaccent>


I dunno, I’d rather play with laser cats.

Also, hi, world! Welcome back! To me, I mean.

The awesome continues!

Written By: admin - Aug• 06•14

Weird Al gave us a song, and now Red Rocket Farm has given us… an official piece of art! Hey, if states can have Official Everythings, so can we.

Click through to play on RRF’s Tumblr, or check them out at Red Rocket Farm. (And if you want to laugh until you pee, read Jason’s No One Wins In a Parrot War.)



Written By: admin - Jul• 15•14

Ladies and gentlemen of the Red Pen Brigade: We now have a theme song.

If you can’t see it yet because you live somewhere exotic, try going here and scrolling down to “Word Crimes.”

You’re welcome.

Technically correct.

Written By: admin - Jun• 25•14

Kacia sent this one. I know it’s wrong, of course, but: I’ve *had* new olives, and they’re gross. You want an olive that’s aged a little and has spent some time in some brine. So perhaps the author here was just acknowledging the fact that olives newly-arrived to a store for sale are, in fact, months old?



Written By: admin - Jun• 23•14

Jake found this one, and definitely didn’t record it with a camera or a recording device. (Bonus: nice glitter polish!)